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Sali  Furniture

Contact:   Mr Naj Hasan
What was your need?   We had introduced a new breed of mattresses with memory foam.  We also had the latest Italian style beds in stock. We wanted to reach out for targeted areas of Manchester to promote our new additions.
How did Devil Media help you?   We engaged Devil Media for a direct mail campaign lasting 8 weeks.
What results did you achieve?   Since it was a targeted campaign, it could have had very limited result.  However, Devil Media was able to generate quite a stir at our desired locations.  We received on average 6 additional enquiries every week from the 2nd week of the campaign.

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My  Store

Contact:   Mr Salim Patel
What was your need?   Shop branding including signage but the challenge was to make it stand out among the other outlets.
How did Devil Media help you?   New logo with an attractive colour scheme, new signage and fascia.
What results did you achieve?   The logo was simple yet powerful.  The new colour scheme made the shop look brighter and more prominent on the high street.

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